Don’t let the noise of your surroundings disturb the stillness inside of you. Only in that peaceful silence can you hear your true calling. 

It happens during the space in between the snap when the strobes go off.  It’s the moment when self consciousness is thrown to the side and a genuine reflection of the person in front of you begins to emerge.  The candids.  

I’ve learned to lead.  I’ve learned to teach.  I’ve been rewarded with a virtue.  Patience. 

“Everything I need, I have. Everything I want I will get.”
“It’s not that I enjoy taking pictures. I just love capturing moments.”
“Life without passion is just existence.”

Development meetings quickly turn into an excuse to drink and float into tangent conversations.  That’s the beauty of working with people you genuinely like to be around.  Friendships from collaborations make work that much more fun.  It doesn’t hurt that what you’re working on involves food and extracurricular recreations.  

Quote of the night by my homie Loren.  

"I refuse to contribute to the countless unsolved mysteries of Negril Jamaica."


Friends are the people you can get wasted with and throw up on yourself in front of without fear of being judged.  Farewell Katrina.  Good Luck in Burma!